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Well, we made it - but what a week! Thanks to an amazing crew we managed to get 100% of our orders out either before the storm hit or on Friday. Thanks to a combination of tire chains, 4WD and a fearless and determined delivery crew we even got to the outlying areas before evening. Go team Garrett!!

We have some great customers, and we really appreciate your patronage and your trust in us to get your flowers where they needed to be on Valentine's Day. Competitor bashing isn't really our style, but this year really made a case for  shopping local. Judging from the "Big 3" online flower marketers' Facebook pages, a good portion of their flowers are still sitting on UPS and Fedex docks in boxes as of Sunday. Of course the weather isn't their fault, but it just kind of reinforces our belief that buying local is better for so many reasons - and I will spare you any more preaching on that ;)

Onward to Spring!